David Haye convinced that he would beat Oleksandr Usyk

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David Haye convinced that he would beat Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk is perhaps the biggest star on the boxing scene right now. David Haye commented on the current situation and the fact that he could beat Usyk? “Yeah I’d like to believe in my prime – the night I fought Enzo Maccarinelli or Jean-Marc Mormeck – the speed and the timing.

And I always liked southpaws, the right hand landed. Watching Tony Bellew fight Usyk, Bellew was controlling the fight while he was there. If he was younger, if he was fresher, he could’ve done a lot better."-Usyk said, as quoted by talksport.com.

Haye commented on Usyk's fights as well as his readiness. However, Haye seems confident despite everything. “If I put myself in that same fight with Usyk and Tony – take Tony out and put my prime in there – I think I’d have definitely got that guy out of there.

Obviously the guy now is a different animal at heavyweight, he’s put on some weight now, he’s had tremendous fights. His fight against Derek Chisora was a very close one, he scraped a victory there. When I fought Derek, I knocked him out in five rounds."

Haye on his opponents

Haye believes he has the necessary speed and what it takes to beat Usyk.

However, Haye did not forget to mention one opponent whom he failed to defeat, and Usyk did. “We’ve had one similar opponent, and Bellew. He knocked Bellew out, Bellew knocked me out twice. So I’d have been confident going into a fight with him.

It would’ve been tricky, it would’ve been hard, but I would’ve found a way to get to him and I wouldn’t have allowed some of the stuff he does to some of these bigger heavyweights. The stuff he did to Anthony Joshua, he wouldn’t have been able to do to me because I’m quicker than he is”.