Robert Garcia is no longer Anthony Joshua's trainer

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Robert Garcia is no longer Anthony Joshua's trainer

Robert Garcia is no longer Anthony Joshua's trainer. There were certain conflicts between the two of them, and in the end, the best decision was made for both of them. Garcia commented on the whole situation and explained certain details.

“My personal advice, I told him and all of his team right before I left the next day. It doesn’t matter who it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s me again. He needs to change his camps around,” Garcia said, as quoted by Elie Seckbach of ES News.

“Joshua needs to go to the United States, and he needs to train in the gym. He needs to train with young guys who are looking up to him. And you cannot say today I don’t want to spar because I’m tired or I didn’t sleep enough last night, so I don’t want to train today”.

Anthony Joshua and trainer

It is now up to him to find a proper trainer for him. As a result, Garcia will no longer be a member of his team. There is no information as to what the next fight will entail for him at this time.

The next year will require him to think carefully about his opponents and his goals. “Anthony called me and told me what he was doing, and I respect it. I understand the way he’s seeing things.’ Honestly, I wish him the best.

From what I understand, even if it was me again [training for his next fight], he’s trying to fight sometime in spring. Going to a camp in England would be very difficult for me. I know José [Ramirez, one of my other fighters] will be fighting around that time.

It’s a very difficult fight. I’ve got to train my butt off to get him ready for that fight”.