Cormier believes Adesanya is predominant for all others

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Cormier believes Adesanya is predominant for all others

It’s not hard to conclude how Daniel Cormier has become a big fan of Israel Adesanya and is thrilled with absolutely everything the undefeated UFC middleweight champion represents. In addition, the question is how long he will be in that category, that is when he will go for the light heavyweight title.

But Daniel Cormier believes Adesanya has a chance to conquer the heavyweight division as well, especially if he goes there to fight Jon Jones. It was Jon who was the topic that triggered Daniel’s thinking about Adesanya in the higher categories.

He touched on this in a conversation with Helen Yee, that is, he was asked if he thought that Adesanya would be an insurmountable obstacle for his once biggest rival at this moment. "I'm not sure he would beat Jones.

Look, I can't write Jones off so easily. Looking at how Adesanya looks lately and how Jones looks, I'd be more sympathetic to Israel. Especially if Jones tried to stand with him. Thiago Santos is a great kickboxer, but not the level of Adesanya Dominick Reyes as well And those two guys created problems for Jon Jones If Adesanya kept the fight on his feet, which he has proven many times that he is very capable, it is a problem for Jon Jones, but also for all fighters all the way to Stipe Miocic, "DC said.

Stipe Miocic

Of course, after that, it was not difficult to turn the topic into a difficult category. Adesanya has the height needed for a heavyweight. After all, out of preparation is safe and at a seriously heavyweight. DC thinks he would have something to say here, in fact, he thinks only one fighter would have too much of an advantage against Adesanya.

Everyone else would be in trouble if the fight stayed on its feet. "If Stipe Miocic stood with him, he would be in trouble. Everyone in the heavyweight to middleweight category would be in trouble because he's so good at it.

He's an amazing kickboxer, and now he does it in little gloves. A dangerous guy. I think he's dangerous for everyone, only maybe not for Francis Ngannou. Francis takes his heads off his shoulders with his punches. He might have no problem, but all the other heavyweights would have their hands full against Adesanya, "concluded the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion.

Adesanya is still young enough to get to try it all. If he conquered everything from the middle to the heavyweight category, it would actually be a hard-to-imagine result. But Israel has shown many times that it is ready for anything, and we must not ignore the fact that it still looks better with every fight.