Vasyl Lomachenko is very angry about Lopez's statements

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Vasyl Lomachenko is very angry about Lopez's statements

This weekend, the most interesting fighting event will certainly be the boxing match between Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofim Lopez. It will be a duel for three elite world belts and the one often considered the fifth elite, by The Ring magazine.

After this match, the winner will only win the WBC belt, which is with Devin Haney and which he will defend on November 7. This match will differ in many ways from the previous trials of the Ukrainian grandmaster. Namely, this time he came across an opponent who uses "trash talk" to the extent that Lomachenko has led to a state in which he does not feel well.

He is unquestionably angry and frustrated and will enter the match with a slightly different desire than usual when the only victory is planned. This time he wants to inflict pain on his opponent and he confirmed this in an interview for The Ring.

"I want to beat him up, I really want to beat him up seriously. I want him to feel really bad after the match. His father thinks he's a superstar like Tyson Fury and that's why all this trash talk. They act like stars, and they're not."

said Lomachenko, to further explain his position: "Why do you think I think that way? They say bad things about me, things that are neither true nor realistic. Of course, I don't like someone who talks too much about me.

I have my goal and my dream. He has an IBF belt and I need that belt and the main goal is to take it away from him. "

Lopez denies his intentions

Young Lopez recently explained that he did not have such an intention, but that his goal was to further interest the audience in the match.

"I'm not trying to get on his skin, I just want to be heard. If I end up under his skin, great. I actually just want to promote this fight. I know he doesn't speak much, after all, he doesn't even speak English so well," he said An additionally motivated Loma could be an additional problem for the American boxer.

But there is also always the possibility that a fighter in motivation burns out. Will this happen to a boxer who has gone through everything he could in his amateur career and who has a total of 400 amateur matches behind him? We will find out in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

"Of course I'm excited. I wanted this match, I wanted that title. It's the next step towards my goal, to become the absolute world champion. I'm excited because I've had that goal since I got into professional boxing.

I tried in the featherweight category, I tried I'm in a semi-easy, and now I'm very close to that in an easy one ", Loma turned everything around on the topic of his goals. In the previous two categories he mentioned, he failed to reach his goal due to the impossibility of arranging matches.

If he wins here, all he has to do is make a deal with Devin Haney, represented by Eddie Hearn. Lomachenko and Hearn have successfully collaborated several times already.