Anthony Joshua: I'm at the end

It seems that the career of the great Briton will not last much longer.

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Joshua: I'm at the end

Anthony Joshua could end his career soon, and in an interview with givemesports, Joshua talked about his career, as well as the speed of time passing. “So from the jump it was like 25/8, motivated nonstop because it doesn’t last forever.

I’m gonna be 34 next year, I swear I remember when I was 21. I’m baffled, I’m an old man, where’s the time gone? So I always look at it like I’m not at the start of my career and I’m not in the middle, I’m at the end.

So that’s how quick time has gone, I’ve gotta really make sure now I put in the most work I’ve ever done and make these last years count”. .- Joshua said.

Anthony Joshua and his goals

Joshua still hasn't achieved the goals he envisioned in his head.

“My greatest achievement hasn’t been reached yet,” he added. “It will be when I make it out the other side of the fight game. I personally always thought I would probably cry when boxing is done, because I put a lot into it inside and outside of the ring.

Like you put a lot into your work, you wake up, you sacrifice, you’re tired sometimes; all that type of stuff, we all go through it. Sometimes you have your bad days but I’ve always tried to be strong, well I am strong.

I always felt like why I would be emotional after is because I would have reached the ultimate high because I made it through a very dark, tough industry. I think now it would be making it through healthy and being able to enjoy commercial stuff without pressures of having to train after, enjoying going back to your family, just chilling. So that will be my major achievement, I’m looking forward to that”.

Anthony Joshua