Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in business together!

Which business? Edible cannabis products in the shape of Evander Holyfield's mutilated ear will soon be on the market

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in business together!

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield will do business together! It is not a Christmas fairy tale, but it is reality. Which business? Edible cannabis products in the shape of Evander Holyfield's mutilated ear will soon be on the market.

A product on sale for Christmas, as evidenced by a video of the two boxers on the famous episode of the bite that led to the disqualification of Tyson and the expulsion from the ring for two years. Tyson and Holyfield made peace in 2009, and today the two boxers are friends.

The Tyson-Holyfield feud

The previous challenge, played six months before the episode in question, had sanctioned Holyfield's success for KOT in the eleventh round. The rematch began in a similar fashion, with Holyfield leading, and by the end of the first round he also managed to land a heavy hook against Tyson, and scored the points in the second, unanimously for the three judges.

The turning point of the match happened in the second round: during a close contact, the two boxers collided with each other with the head; the blow caused a cut above the lid of Tyson's right eye. The boxer then turned to referee Mills Lane, accusing Holyfield of deliberately hitting him.

Lane judged the contact as unintentional instead, and let the match continue until the end of the round, without warning Holyfield. About forty seconds from the end of the third round the match changed: while the two boxers were in close hand-to-hand contact, Tyson hugged his opponent and suddenly bit his right ear, managing to tear a piece that he immediately spat on.

ring. Holyfield then began to bleed and jump in pain by bringing in Mills Lane who he called time out, although he was unable to clearly see Tyson's erratic action. Seconds later Tyson pushed Holyfield behind him, causing him to crash into the ropes.

The situation was still confused, the match was suspended for a few minutes, and despite the referee's intention to disqualify Tyson, the intervention of the ringside doctor sanctioned the possibility for Holyfield to continue the match.

The referee then chose to penalize Tyson by two points. The match continued until the end of the round. At that point, while the replay of the second bite was shown, Referee Lane suspended the fight and disqualified Tyson. The verdict of the match officially sanctioned the victory of Holyfield, who reconfirmed himself as the world champion of the WBA maximums.

As a result of the disqualification, in July 1997 the Nevada Athletic Commission revoked Mike Tyson's license to fight in the United States, and sanctioned him with a $ 3 million fine. However, on October 18, 1998, the revocation of the license was canceled, following a decision by the Nevada Athletic Commission itself.

This was also the end of Mike Tyson's competitive career, who attempted a final world title assault against Lennox Lewis in 2002 but was defeated by knockout. Holyfield continued to fight at a high level for a few years, then losing his titles to Lennox Lewis.

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