Oleksandr Usyk on his impressions before the rematch with Anthony Joshua

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Oleksandr Usyk on his impressions before the rematch with Anthony Joshua

Oleksandr Usyk spoke about his impressions before the rematch he had with Anthony Joshua. It seemed as if the Ukrainian was analyzing Joshua's body language. Many believe that it could be noticed that Joshua has a certain amount of 'fear' and a lack of self-confidence.

Usyk revealed what his conclusions were before the fight. "His eyes were black, the pupils were wide," Usyk told Parimatch. "I could see that he was more tense than me. But the look doesn't matter, it is your behaviour that matters.

Whether you stand and stare or if you start to move around. "He did shadow boxing, he did it where he looked at something on my face. I can't say anything about his confidence from them. But I'm sure that you can learn things about your opponent's condition by looking at his behaviour from the press conference."

Usyk emphasized that Joshua was much better prepared for the rematch and that he created problems for him. It was not easy to oppose such a great fighter, but the Ukrainian again showed his dominance. "He was really well-trained," he continued.

"But for some reason he focused on delivering one heavy punch. During the ninth round he had successful combinations and I admit I didn't manage to dodge some of them. Yes, he was better prepared for the rematch if we compare it with the first bout.

I can't say for sure, but the eighth round was kind of restorative as I felt it."

Robert Garcia on Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua's coach confirmed what many suspected. Robert Garcia listed the main problems of his fighter; “Joshua was mentally defeated since round ten or eleven," García told Izquierdazo.

“Round ten was a big one for Usyk. That changed the whole fight, and mentally we were defeated. At that point, we were relying on a good shot or something like that, because Anthony is a hard puncher, and one shot can change a fight.

That is what we were hoping for, one shot, because he (AJ) was dominated at that point of the fight. The fight was going well for us, but the tenth round changed everything”, García said. “The last three rounds of the fight were the ones that changed the fight.

In the ninth round we were close to winning, perhaps even by knockout. Through round nine, we were winning the fight on the judges scorecards, but it was decided in the last rounds. Usyk is a great fighter, with a tremendous heart, who knows how to finish strong, like champions do”.