Jared Anderson on future plans, fight against Daniel Dubois, etc


Jared Anderson on future plans, fight against Daniel Dubois, etc
Jared Anderson on future plans, fight against Daniel Dubois, etc

Jared Anderson is extremely motivated and ready to fight anyone. It seems that Dubois is his biggest wish after all. "I would love to fight a lot of people," he told Sky Sports. "Filip Hrgovic, Carlos Takam, Daniel Dubois, there's a million names I could name, a lot of different people.

All the contenders, prospects, all the ones coming out, Luis Ortiz, Andy Ruiz, all them, anybody. I'd love to fight anybody. On the fight vs Dubois. "I love that fight. I watched his Joe Joyce fight, I seen why he lost. He's still a decent fighter though.

You can't count him out. I believe I beat him in good fashion if I don't stop him." He recently won against Miljan Rovcanin, but he thinks he could have done better. "I gave myself a C+, maybe a B- at the most," he said of his latest performance.

"I know my capabilities and what I'm good at," Anderson continued. "I think I've got so much more room to grow and so much more to accomplish. They see I switch-hit. They see I do it from different stances. You can't put a style on me or nothing like that.

I'm different. I tell people all the time. I'm just different. I don't know how to explain it, I'm different, I can't really put nothing to my style, I'm fast, I'm explosive and I like fighting."

Anderson on aiming for the top

His goal is to be at the top, but he doesn't expect that the 'big' names will be there when he reaches the top.

"Everybody's in their 30s. Everybody who's title-holding or previous title-holders in the last five years is old. So I don't see anybody, unless they're sticking around for the next two or three years. But I see everybody trying to retire or talking about retirement.

It really don't sound like nobody will be around," he said. "Especially not, seeing me coming." Top Rank president Todd duBoef had only words of praise for Anderson. They consider him one of the greatest potential. "To have a guy like Jared come out and have this type of athletic ability and power, and savvy and personality, is wonderful," he told Sky Sports.

"I think he is a bright hope for America but he's also a bright hope for what the world would want, which is a great heavyweight champion and to have those charismatic guys be the bad a** of the world in the heavyweight division, it always brings great attention to the whole sport."

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