Jared Anderson on Tyson Fury: Too much for his pride for him to walk away right now

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Jared Anderson on Tyson Fury: Too much for his pride for him to walk away right now

There is a lot of talk about the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. The question is whether there will be a fight, but that's what all the fans want. One of those who commented on that fight is Jared Anderson, who believes that this fight would be a real spectacle.

Anderson thinks Fury would win that fight. “There’s too much money on the table and too much for his pride for him to walk away right now, knowing he can beat those guys people are questioning him about,” said Jared Anderson to Fighthype talking about Tyson Fury.

Reporters asked Anderson if it would be the big man beating a little man “Definitely,” said Anderson. “I’m not sure it’s a fight everybody really wants to see. I feel it’s a no-brainer." Many recalled the problems Fury had with cruiserweight Steve Cunningham.

“Tyson was not nearly the fighter he was at that point, and he’s grown in build so much after that fight. Then to top it off, Usyk is nowhere near the age that they were at that time,” said Anderson.
“He’s [Usyk] up there just as well as Tyson, and I think that’s what makes a huge difference in that.

Anderson and sparring

Anderson answered the question: Did his intense style of sparring is what made his sessions with Fury so competitive. “When I spar, I’m so intense. 100%, that’s what made them so competitive and kept us on our toes,”
“I like to hit and not get hit.

I might take more chances and risks [than Usyk], but that’s just me being a hungrier fighter at the moment. He’s had the Olympic experience and doesn’t feel the need to hurt people. He can box and win and make it look easy.

“He has that luxury right now, and I’m more of a hungrier fighter right now. That’s the difference,” said Anderson. Tyson Fury revealed his demands for a fight against the Ukrainian, and Usyk himself wants such a match.

"If I’m to put it all on the line vs some unknown foreigner, boys better get that half-billy [half a billion pounds]. If not, keep the little mug. If it was AJ [Joshua], it [would’ve been] free, but it’s not”.

“I’m sure that Fury is not retired yet. I’m convinced he wants to fight me,” he said. “I want to fight him, if I’m not fighting Fury, I’m not fighting at all. Only God knows if I will be undisputed or not. All these gentlemen around me, my team, they’ll help me”.

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