Andy Ruiz Jr: Anthony Joshua didn't do those things

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Andy Ruiz Jr: Anthony Joshua didn't do those things

Anthony Joshua failed to defeat Oleksandr Usyk in the second match. The Ukrainian showed more quality and in the end, deservedly defended the title. One of those who was surprised is Andy Ruiz. Ruiz did not expect such a bad performance from Joshua, who lacked aggressiveness and all that adorned him.

"I called the fight," Ruiz told DAZN. "I felt Usyk was going to win. He's a man of Christ. He did his thing. He did what he was supposed to do. He boxed him around. He threw good combinations. But I felt… I don't know what happened with Anthony Joshua.

I felt like he needed that aggressiveness. I don't know what happened." Andy Ruiz mentioned certain things that Joshua did not apply in the fight against the Ukrainian. "Because even in the training, even in the media workout, I fell his foot was a little off," Ruiz said.

"We've been training for four months already for the lefty style, so we have to adapt to those types of styles and especially if they move around, or if they be aggressive. We've got to counterpunch. We got to be aggressive. I find that Anthony Joshua didn't do those things."

Andy Ruiz: We're fighters.

We gotta be dogs in there

Many believe that the fight against Ruiz affected Joshua and that he is very cautious. Ruiz does not want to comment on such things, but believes that a boxer must be mentally strong. "I did have a lot of text messages of people telling me like, ‘Man, it was your fault.

That's why Anthony Joshua was not that aggressive. He's thinking too much. He's being too cautious’," Ruiz said. "Us fighters, we shouldn't care. I feel we should go out there with the bang. It's scary. I feel that's what fighters fear of them getting dropped, getting hurt, or getting knocked out.

But this is boxing. You're gonna get hit. You're gonna get hurt. But the main thing is you got to have those cajones to get back up and to win the fight. When Cris Arreola hurt me a few times, I still had to have that same momentum to win the fight.

And when he dropped me on my knees, when I buckled, I still had to get back up. I still had to be aggressive. We can't really show that we're hurt or that we're scared. We got to keep going forward. We're fighters. We gotta be dogs in there."

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