Tyson Fury reacts after the defeat of Anthony Joshua

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Tyson Fury reacts after the defeat of Anthony Joshua
Tyson Fury reacts after the defeat of Anthony Joshua (Provided by Sport World News)

Anthony Joshua failed to beat Oleksandr Usyk even in the rematch. The Ukrainian celebrated after 12 rounds, and comments followed immediately after the fight. One of the first to comment was Tyson Fury. He sent a message via Twitter "I've just seen Joshua lose for the second time to Usyk, [he was] out of his depth.

England has been relieved of its belts but there is a remedy and solution that I can suggest. If you want those belts back then send in the Gyspy barbarian; send me in and I will relieve the Ukrainian dosser of his belts like I did the last Ukrainian dosser."
"But it's not going to be cheap, if you want the best you have to pay.

It's going to be very expensive; so get your chequebook out and I will relieve the Ukrainian dosser of the belts." Jake Paul also reacted quickly and sent a short message: " Tyson Fury is just a drunk pirate."

Andre Ward's critics

Andre Ward is one of those who criticized Joshua's performance.

It's obvious that he didn't like the way the Briton wanted to win. “There was too much IQ for Joshua. There’s no disrespect to Joshua. I can say that and still have respect for what Joshua did as an amateur and what he’s done as a pro,” said Andre Ward to Fight Hub TV.

“There’s no shade on Joshua, but it’s just the facts. You fight a certain kind of style for a long time and build up all that muscle, and you can look like an all-time great against certain guys. “If you don’t work on your game and evolve, it’s the same stuff.

He’s got an awesome right hand, and it comes off like a rocket, but you take him out of that element into deep waters and make him think, you see the mental fatigue that comes over him. “He doesn’t know what to do sometimes, and then the body starts to fatigue, and then it goes from there.

It had to. [Robert] Garcia wasn’t there before. I saw Joshua hitting to the body. He didn’t have perfect form, but he was hitting too the body. “You saw him trying to hold his ground earlier in the fight and be the big man and play the role of the big man.

It’s just hard to keep that going. People don’t get it. “It’s funny that the style that gets disrespected the most. That’s the style that typically dominates. If Usyk fought the wrong kind of fight, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

It’s a 50-50 situation. “If you play to your strength, that’s a 70-30 situation. That style, you got to start respecting it more. Tyson Fury. It’s not an easy fight for either guy. It looks like we’re going to have our first undisputed champion sometime next year since Lennox Lewis.

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