Anthony Joshua cried at the press conference: "It will never break me, but.."

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Anthony Joshua cried at the press conference: "It will never break me, but.."
Anthony Joshua cried at the press conference: "It will never break me, but.." (Provided by Sport World News)

Anthony Joshua could not hide his anger after his loss to Oleksandr Usyk. After the defeat, Joshua threw the WBA and Ring Magazine belts out of the ring, and immediately rushed to take the microphone, which the majority understood as disrespect towards Usyk.

Anthony Joshua decided to tell his story and explain his behavior at the press conference after the match: “I am giving you my story,” he said, as quoted by talksport. “I was going to jail. I got bailed and started training my arse off, because if I got sentenced then I would not have been able to fight.

I could have done better, but it showed the hard work he must have put in to beat me. Please give him a round of applause as our heavyweight champion of the world. I’m not a 12-round fighter. I am a new breed of heavyweight, Mike Tyson, Sonny Liston – they say ‘he doesn’t throw combinations like Rocky Marciano,’ because I am 18 stone, I am heavy.

It is hard work. This guy here is a phenomenal talent. We are going to cheer for him”. Obviously, the defeat hit him hard and he couldn't hide his emotions. At one point, he even cried. “It’s been so tough,” Joshua said.

“You see AJ holding it together. It comes at a cost, a big cost. It will never break me, but it takes real strength. Tonight there was a crack in that armour because I took a loss. You saw me upset”. Tony Bellew tweeted: “Don’t ever judge a boxer on a post fight interview!” Bellew said.

“I can’t explain to you how much emotion and tiredness are both working AGAINST you! I’ve known AJ a long time and he’s nothing but respectful, honest and decent to everyone! He’ll be back”.

Frazer Clarke on Joshua's team

Frazer Clarke believes his team should have act differently. “He might be mad at me for saying this,” Clarke told Sky Sports, “and the whole team might be mad at me for saying this, but I feel like he was left out to dry by the team.

I feel like someone should have saved him. “It’s words but in the true reflection of boxing, that was Oleksandr Usyk’s time to celebrate that victory and he didn’t get to do it straight away. I just don’t think that was right but once again, Anthony is a great person, he does a lot for a lot of people, he’s done a lot for me, but I feel like he had a bit of a bad one there and it was out of character.

There were no excuses, that was Oleksandr Usyk’s time. To the people around him, where were you? Someone should have jumped in there. Someone should have stopped him and saved him from himself. It was only words, but it was the wrong time”.

Anthony Joshua